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Training and Competency 

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Training and Competency

We are expert OPITO approval consultants here at Quality Alliance International. Through our advice and support, we enable you to achieve your strategic objectives whilst delivering significant cost savings. Our advice and solutions deliver efficiencies for your business by streamlining your operations, maximising return on your existing resources and securing cost savings with suppliers.

We accomplish this by using our depth of knowledge and understanding of industry requirements. Realising this value will help position your business more competitively. The earlier that you engage Quality Alliance International, the more we can help your organisation. Our most productive business relationships with clients begin with early engagement whereby we are involved in the setting of growth strategy and are actively engaged in the development of your facility’s resources and capabilities.






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Training Services

 We provide training, consulting and auditing services for companies of various sizes from small privately owned businesses to larger training arms of international oil companies and more.

We offer services such as recruitment for training roles, technician development and competence project management.





Our staff are former OPITO auditors and quality management experts, so if you need an audit to ascertain your compliance levels, we are perfectly placed to help you out with this.  We can provide this for organisations regardless of their OPITO approval status.  As well as providing an audit against standards and criteria you will achieve real value through our service. We will be able to provide advice and guidance on all aspects related to compliance, and management of your facility in a way that maximises the quality of your operations.


QAI Partnership for OPITO Approved Centres

Many organisations have acquired a comprehensive understanding of OPITO requirements, and so we understand that on-site support is not always necessary.  However, prior to or following OPITO audits, it is without question, always beneficial to have a third party available for support.  By offering remote support we can help develop corrective action responses that will be closed in a timely and efficient manner.  This will save you time, secure your ongoing or initial OPITO approval and allow staff to focus on adding value to your business in other areas.




OPITO Approval Project Management

Our experience working with organisations navigating through the OPITO approval process has put us in a unique position to be able to offer exceptional value via this service.  We engage with you and tailor a unique, effective and efficient package of support which meets your needs.  Our services include a range of functions including both remote and onsite support, the extent of which will be determined through a process of initial dialogue and evidence-based assessment.

Our goal is not just to help you achieve OPITO approval but to also help build a sustainable quality focused business, which will meet the expectations of your customers. 

This service is available to organisations seeking OPITO approval as training and assessment centres and also those seeking competence management system approval.



If you require the services of a quality systems or OPITO approval consultant, please get in touch to hear how we can help your business.